Monday, January 03, 2005

Ma Belle Femme

As I get a blogger profile, but Jem (that’s Mrs. Lactose to you pal) doesn’t and isn't likey to, I thought I’d clear up what’s-what regarding the good lady wife.

Jema is a model maker, costume designer, writer and craftsperson. She is the second best thing that has ever happened to me (the first being contact lenses).

This woman has been crazy enough to share a living space (no bigger than the average closet) with me, two rabbits, and a cat for the last 5 years.

I confess, I am her big dressing up toy. She parades me around to various LRP events, in a top notch kit, and makes me socialise with people other than Pig and Captain Depper.

She’s veggie, but cooks and bakes like a veritable domestic goddess. She drives a bright yellow Smart Car full of toys, props and bits of string. She looks pretty from the second she wakes up and stunning in every photograph. She doesn’t smoke. She's adicted to small furry animals, in all forms. She reads too fast and keeps books in the bed. She sings in a darn fine band. She writes books and articles for magazines and stuff. She’s double hard at Kung Fu. She drinks lemonade or outrageous cocktails (after two of which she falls asleep). She throws all the best parties.

We were best mates for years, than snogged on the Millenium and haven't stopped since.

Need to know more? That's okay, so long as it's not for stalking purposes. Her bridal stuff and her personal site are through these links...
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