Saturday, March 26, 2005

Radium88 - Pluggin' the wife... - go here and listen to this stuff. It's good, and it's better than you deserve.

This is the site of Radium88, the musical ravings of the sagely Tim (cheers for Headline History geezer, you're a hero) Thwaites, the elastic Matt Clare (now safe with children and household fabrics), Jema 'the Mrs' Davies and the incredibly talented (pikey music of) Lady Claire.

They are kinda like a sort of an
indi, alternative, ambient, trip-hop affair, with shed fulls of melodic sci-fi, kinda chill-out, down tempo, electronica froopyness and roots music, but with actual real honest-to-goodness talent.

Jesus, I don't know. But I know what I like, and this is now (and has always been) auditory strong black coffee. Go consume. Buy CD's, download stuff, worship at the alter of people with more god given natural talent in thier little pinkies than we'll ever have in our whole bodies.

Music to be abducted, but not anally probed, by...

Oh, and beware those doughnut eating war badgers, 'they only slow you down'...
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