Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Ride of Frankenstein, Revisited

I took a look at RoF in the shed today and she's gone a midge rusty. She deserves better.

After breaking my nose again yesterday, scraping half the flesh of my extremities, and getting another 3 stitches (plus the obligatory wad of gill to that money grabbing bastard who laughingly calls himself a dentist - see teeth left) the spanky new Marin isn't up to the usual daily run.

She's paggered. Bend forks, brand new £60 wheel banana'd like a good un, bent bars, the brake blocks and calipers are crushed into the rims and (for some reason) there's some serious indexing problems in the top 2 rings. She has gone to the shop, Samways in Derby, who shook their heads and said "Eeee Mr. Ewitt, ya don't av much luck" followed by "Eeee it's gonna be next Thursday at the earliest" and a mumble about not having some of the bits in stock. They're good blokes, they'll sort her out and they're cheap (must be all the custom I keep giving 'em).

And so to the alternative. I will not succumb to public transport and the good lady has been kind enough with lifts and what-not. Time to get RoF back on the road, again.

We have one working gear and it's like sitting on a brick. There are a couple of 'borrowed' bits that'll have to go back on other bikes. She weighs a ton and she steers like a ferry. No SPD's (how did I live before SPD's) and the chain was solid. The front brakes are 'temperamental' at best. She has, as yet, unidentifiable squeaks.

It's great. I love her, and I'd forgotten how much I miss her :-)
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