Saturday, June 11, 2005

My Mate Andy - Stunning Star Wars Fan Art

Just a quickie to highlight the work of a mate of mine, (the award winning) Andy Ravenwood, who has to suffer sitting on the same desk as me every day and lookin' at my ugly mug.

His website is well worth a visit, especially if you like your SW fan art. Go get yourself a new desktop. Andy is a decent bloke and a talented (if hirsute) little bugger. A gadge, a dude and a hero, even if he does approve of the Special Edition New Hope (where Greedo shoots first and destroys my childhood) and the hideous travesty of a toy advert that is Episode 1.

I couldn’t do my job without him...

I bought this T-Shirt (left) to hassle him at work and took it over 4700 miles to get this photo (which, incidentally, has just won me $100 worth of USB powered plasic tat and cool apparel from

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