Sunday, September 18, 2005

Flirting with Librarians

The Mrs dragged me to the Jane Austen Society Ball this weekend in Bath.

I presumed I was going to have a fairly dull evening but It wasn't quite as bad as I'd feared. Adam joined us (-Cat alas), Ellen, Pig and Colin came over from Ireland sans dress uniform.

They loved a bit of Byron last night. Even when we were strolling down by the river lookin' for somewhere to have some predance hong, us gents got stopped by droves of Japanese girlies and mobbed by pretty American history students who (literally) clamoured for photos. Strange how a well dressed bloke can have such an effect...

The ball was teaming in frustrated librarians looking for their Mr Darcy and with giggling young costume students. To be honest, I sheelessly flirted with owt in a frock. There was a bloke count of us, an admittedly fine crop of older 'Mr Bennets' and a couple of 'ordinaries'.

Me and Pig played some Merde de Tete and learnt some new regency game that did little to make up for the average tasting £20 a pop plonk and being scowled at for not dancing properly. Jema flirted with everything in regimentals.

The Georgian Guildhall is an excellent location that scum like us would never normally get to play in. I think we qualified as 'the naughty table'. The older women scowled at us and the younger women fluttered eyelids at us from behind fans. The gentlemen flocked to dance with Jema and, as I say, I shamelessly held eye contact with anything pretty.

Afterwards we got blathered, nearly got in a street fight with some townies, ended up in some club/pub dancing to bizarre 80s stuff and I collapsed into a hostel bed, around 4, with my face stuck to half a pack of cards and a kebab.
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