Friday, September 30, 2005

Got Wood?

Me, Captain Depper, Phatboyian and Leslie went to look at some woods this evening. Doesn’t sound blog worthy I grant you, but we’re thinkin’ of buying them.

Captain Depper and I are doing a
dry stone walling course in a few weeks, something I’ve always fancied, and it’d make a good place to practice my budding craft, roast the odd pig, do small scale LRP stuff, camp and to use as a bit of a base and as a chill spot to partake of the hong.

We’re lookin’ at a co-op arrangement between a few of us. £250 a share. The location’s a bit hush-hush at the moment as it’s going for auction (closed bids) and we don’t want no competition. It’s Derbyshire anyway and local to loads of walking, biking and sites we already use for the likes of
Grimm Tales.

It needs some TLC, notably a bit of drainage and a brush cutter, but at 1.6 hecters it could be a winner…
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