Sunday, October 23, 2005

Nicely Stoned

Spent this weekend building a dry stone wall. Captain Depper and I went on the Dry Stone Walling Association beginner’s course under the watchful eye of Trevor Wragg. Trev is an outstanding master craftsman, former national champion, and a seriously skilled taskmaster.

We took down and laid out a broken 10m stretch. We rebuilt all the foundations and learnt how to measure up for leveling and 'batter'. We laid, pinned and filled her from both sides. We put her back together (including couping) in two days and the pair of us had a great time. With the help of our own weight in coffee and biscuits, we built a bit of Derbyshire scenery that’s likely to still be there in 300 years.

We're both now members of the Dry Stone Walling Association and will be going back to finish the rest of the boundary, under Trevor’s watchful eye, next year.

This, admitedly somewhat unusual way to spend a weekend, was prompted by the
plot of woodland we've had our eye on that's surrounded by 4' walling.

A few bits of stone furniture and a decent fire pit will probably be the first place we practice our weekends lessons.

Honest toil. Bits of me are aching, but not too badly.
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