Saturday, October 01, 2005

Whacked out on Evo

I've got a few days left to take before the end of the holiday year, so I went for a prowl 'round Nottingham yesterday and to pay homage at the Walsall Diner and at Page 45.

I popped into Promotional Props and Costumes to see the guys and scab a coffee, and came away whacked out of my gourd on Evo. I'm always amazed by the contrast between this place, a full blown props workshop, and the news/media office where I work.

They are doing some cool stuff right now and I’ll update the site in the next week or so. Top quality gear with cooling systems and stuff. Some of it is ‘top secret’; in the way that only marketing people can insist that brightly coloured 8’ mascots are.

Anyway, additional most excellent news. For all who know her, Liz is preggers and is going to have a baby (and thank the lord, cos we thought she had yuppie flu). I enclose a picture of the father, Ade.

Massive congrats babes, to you and your monkey…
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