Friday, November 04, 2005

Joey Goes Psyco - Internet to Blame?

I was over at Something Awful today, getting in my usual fix of Photoshop Friday, when Pig pointed me in the direction of: THIS.

Basically, a bunch of Something Awful forumites took the Mickey out of an autistic kid on their guns an’ ammo forum, they told him where to buy some heavy duty buckshot, the kid then buys the buckshot and goes on a psycho crazy killing spree, culminating with him splattering his own head all over a neighbours house.

The guys from the forum must be brickin' it, but come on, it's the web. Nobody beieves anything they read on the web. He told everybody what he was going to do, and he had the rip taken out of him for it (as ya would).

I can't wait to see the repercussions on this one. More 'internet is evil', I'll put cash on it.
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