Friday, January 06, 2006

First Bump of ‘06

To start the New Year, as if the weather wasn’t bad enough, I got run into this morning.

There I was, lit up like a Christmas tree, and this bloke pulled out from a side-road, straight into me. I knew he was going to. You know, when you don’t quite make eye contact with them and they’re going just that bit too fast approaching the junction. I thought “here we go” and slapped on the anchors but he pulled into the side of me and bent the forks, spazzed the brakes and bananad the front wheel. I think the frame might be twisted too. I kept all teeth and I just got a bruised sholder out of it, luckily.

I pick myself up and he comes over and he says “Sorry mate, I didn’t see ya, it’s dark”. Er, hence the twin 20watt halogens and the reflective vest matey.

Then he says, after he sees the damage, “I’ll just get you some cash” and goes to his car and drives off! I couldn’t believe it! Anyway, I got his reg, ha!

M427 UAU, a white thing. Might have been a Fiesta.

So I called the police (and I swear the copper couldn’t have been older than 19 (yes, I’m aware of the middle age bloke “Aren’t policemen looking younger these days” thing, but it’s true)) and Jema came out to get me. This was double embarrassing as it looked liked I’d been knocked off by a bright yellow Smart car.

I couldn’t believe it though. All my suspicions and irresponsible driver jokes are hereby confirmed.

I hope they find him. Jizmoppinshiteweasel.

Looks like ROF mañana...

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