Monday, January 16, 2006

No More Public Transport

ROF is just plain dead and, having just done a week on the bus and train (due to the guy who was spoking my rim having to rush off to watch his Mrs. give birth), I'm finally back on the Marin this morning.

I'm oddly nervous of anything approching from the left, but glad to be back at it. The first puncture was oddly reassuring.

It's incredible, but it's nearly an hour quicker for me to ge to and from work on my bike instead of relying on (overpriced) British public transport. It's no wonder nobody uses the trains anymore.

The only enjoyable part was a bacon butty (£1.70 with a free coffee from the place near Notts station, 'Sandwich Box' or something) and time to read the Metro...

Back to being 'on time' for work. Still no news from the Police.

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