Friday, January 13, 2006

Seller says 'No'

We've finally got all the quotes for the repairs on the new house and it's around £3k. We gave them to the estate agent and the sellers say 'no'. They don't want to foot the bill so we've either got to swallow it ourselves (which genuinly means no furniture) or tell 'em to go hang. The estate agents have been useless and offered no advice or options. Criminal considering they know we're (technically) fist time buyers.

Big decision that we're both nervous about making, but the more often we pop in as we're passing to look at the garden etc., the more I like it.

In the meanwhilst, DIY is prolific aboard the good ship
Andromeda, in the hope of getting her Bristol fashion prior to putting her on the market. Sad that the best she'll ever look will be on her day of sale...

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