Sunday, February 05, 2006

Dell-boy Google

In ya face MSN!

The rumour mill keeps turning; and in chat the other night I heard from pals at 'the plex' (that clearly have nothing better to do; you know who you are) that computer-maker Dell have been running tests with Auntie Google to see if they will install their software on it's machines. Dell says it's "evaluating Google's search tools, both for the web and for stored documents". Smooth move Google.

This would make Google the default search on millions of new home computers and, as most punters don't actually bother to or know how to change their homepage, outstanding branding.

Google already has deals in place with software-folks like the Mozilla people, being 'pre-installed' as the homepage on the irripressable Firefox. It's been quoted that "revenues from such deals have proved significant money spinners for Google's partners". I bet they have, and it can't hurt your rankings either.

I dabble in a bit of stock as some of you will know, and Google shares are lookin' for a further fall (which could well be a sweet time to buy).

The stock, which recently tested $460, dropped like a brides nightie last week after the company missed Wall Street's (somewhat ambitious) fourth-quarter profits targets. Not surprising, if you look at the amount of gill they've spending on R&D and on the ground-breaking new stuff they've been releasing over the past 12 months. Alas things could well get worse,
as (on paper) signing major deals with PC manufacturers would mean that Google's cost of acquiring new users would go up and, therefore, get the investors nervous. Investors don't necessarily see the wood for the trees and their decisions are usually based on just the figures and not on the real world.

I might speculativly blow £100 or so, in a week or two when they're as low as they are gonna shift. Keeping them for 12 months is a guarenteed profit, in my humble opinion, especially if the
Dell deal goes ahead.

Microsoft are forever moaning about Google stealing the best of everything and marchin' across their market with their Blakeyed size 12s, but they used the pre-installation of stuff to promote the use of Internet Explorer back in the 1990s. Sod 'em anyway, I've no sympathy, they bundled their web browser with Windows for free to crowbar Netscape out of the market. Bums on seats ladies and gentlement, and search under your nose. More resons to pay for Adwords and nice expedential cash growth says I.

No news on a
Google browser though. It'd still like them to develop a full interface, based on Mozilla, with all the GMAIL tools etc. Hurry up chaps.

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