Saturday, February 18, 2006

Over to Leeds

Nipped over to Leeds in the afternoon to catch up with ‘Smokey’ Hill and the chaps, in aid of congratulating him on his forthcoming marriage to the charming Miss Angel. The wedding is the 25th of March (the weekend after Pigs stag do and the weekend before Pig and Ellen’s wedding (on April the 1st)).

Leeds has channged so much in the last 6 years. It was a dive when I lived there (or maybe that was just the pants places I could afford to live at the time).

The cinemas have gone. Apparently, there was a new one 'in the light' but they are pulling the ABC down (which was, admittedly, rubbish anyway) and the Odeon is now a department store. That's gutting. I've had some of my films shown there, and now it's selling Muji-style clothing and pointless kitchenware.

Leeds has gone, on the surface at least, all trendy bars, Harvey Nicks, weird bus stops that don't have the bus numbers on them (what does 'heading towards' mean if you don't know the buses final destination (duhhh!)) and shed loads of banking and financial money.

I'm sure deep down underneath it still has a massive drug problem (that's spelt with 2 E's, and an LSD), a shortage of decent schools, and it’s probably the same old camode I used to know and love, but it sure doesn’t show to the passing traveler.

It was good to see the fellas; Booster, Chris, Mesh, Wren, Mr Morris, Mr Hill, the full Hong etc.

We had dinner at Red Chilli, in George Street, and I had an excellent stir-fried ‘Beijing style’ chilli eel. Then we went back to Boosters for Xbox 360, his patent killer fruit punch, Mr Hills ‘home made cakes’, plenty of observation on how damn old we all look and feel, and RPG based (D & D) board games ‘till the wee small hours (alas poor Cleric). A real blast-from-the-past.

Very pleasant.

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