Wednesday, March 29, 2006

No Show

We took the day off today to meet and greet the new owners of Andromeda. It didn't happen.

Some kind of car emergency stopped them getting up here in time for us to do a proper hand over, and they hadn't shown with the money by 5 when the brokerage at
Sawley closed it's doors.

I hope this sorts it's self out soon or I'm gonna be well fracked off. I'm none too chuffed as it is, wasting a days holiday like this.

We faffed around and did some shopping and stuff, said goodbye to
Andromeda one last time, and tried to make the best of the day.

She smelt funny. Not of rabbits, or fresh bread, or coal fires.

I thought it'd be easier saying goodbye after 3 weeks ashore, but it wasn't. We'll both miss her, but she needs to go and to have more adventures. That's what boats her age should do.

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