Saturday, April 15, 2006

Badgering On

Finally, and with the kind assistance of Captain Depper, I managed to shift the European bramble mountain into the skip or onto the bonfire. You wouldn't believe the amount of space this has freed up. We managed to finish felling a couple of trees and the bigger prickly and more pointless bushes. It kept old David warm all afternoon.

I'm still totally covered in itchy grassy pine needle pollen stuff. There is muck in every crease and opening of my body.

Depper and Leslie came over this afternoon to give us a hand. Leslie took charge and was "Rutheless in the borders", digging up a fury that I think, to be honest, slightly scared Jema.

Captain Depper and I 'badgered on'. I find it's best just not getting involved in the garden design thing. I'm better just carrying stuff, digging holes and smiling pleasently when asked what I prefare. It's kinda like outdoor soft furnishings, i.e. I 'm fairly sure I'm just not genetically disposed to care, unless I can eat it.

After a decidedly average episode of Dr. Who, we popped up to the Holly Bush (with Daz) for a couple of pints. Daz and I watched a surprisingly enjoyable (if a little disposable) Midlands based Shane Meadows movie (Dead Mans Shoes) that he brought over.

In a minute I'm crashing out. The backache is catching up with me
and I'm knackerd...

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