Monday, April 03, 2006

Cinema on a Bus

I found these while I was surfing past KJ Global.

"The visual experience is similar to that you might get by watching a 30" screen at a 2 meter distance" - hmm, yeah, if you say so, and they don't make your vision go doo-lally then

They are compatible with pretty much any NTSC video source. DVD players, VCRs, game machines, etc., etc., yada, yada, it's stereo capable, portable, you can basically use it pretty much anywhere (except while cycling, I would imagine).

The upper range MPGlass, namely MPG-230A, also includes a multimedia unit which can be used for reading SD cards, as the device currently doesn't have any form of decent internal memory.

The MPG-230A is available at around 720 Euro, while the MPG-230M costs a measly
430 Euro. That's pocket money you'd only spend on tabs otherwise. Give up the smokes, you could have one of these.

From the brochure: “The display is set up so that you can look away and be ‘back in the room’, aware of what’s going on, but also so that snooping fellow passengers can’t get a squiz at what you’re watching.”

It says
"Ideal for dentists, or just the home user..." whatever that means. Perfect for long road trips and Strange Days style virtual tours, I would imagine.

Despite being a tad on the pricey side, the MPGlass system could be a nice bit of kit. Who knows, this kinda thing could be as common as the ubiquitous iPod one day. Yeah, and we'll have personal jet packs too. I doubt it though. If you buy one you've got more money than Yoko Ono, you'll look like a knob, and you'll keep bumping into stuff.

Loverly lookin' bit of design though.

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