Sunday, April 16, 2006

Inlaws and Outlaws

More gardening. Planting and weeding now that all the lifting and carrying is done. Joy.

The folks came over this afternoon, Jemas dad and my mum and dad, all with shed loads of cuttings and plants to get crammed into the borders. All 3 as mad as a bag of cats.

Even the rabbits, well Worthers anyway, ventured out into the garden today.

It's sad to say it but my folks are getting old. Especially my mum. Seeing them outside their own environment really put it in context for me just how 'frail' she is now. I don't see them that often. Since her last operation she's not really eating properly either, so she's lost loads of weight.

It's kinda sobering, but what can ya do? It's hard for her, mainly because of her memory loss which stresses her out constantly. She's quite 'proud' my mum, and I think she finds it (unjustifiably) embarrassing. She was quite the socialite up to a couple of years ago; Conservative Party this and Round Rotating Ladies that. Literally, a different party every night. It clearly gets to her, and with being so frail now it makes her seem, suddenly, as old as she actually is. Still, being my mum and all, she's just as happy and carefree and full of jokes as ever.

Anyroad. Pic of the garden exploring 'flopsie eared bunny', taken this afternoon just for FoxyTallChick ;-)

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