Monday, April 17, 2006

Less Gardening, More Pottering

Didn't get as much done in the garden today. A bit, but not a lot.

It kinda rained, which as they 'is good for the plants', so (being new to this Derbyshire lark) we had a look at some of the local sites and went to Kedleston Hall for a potter about. We also went to another garden centre (at Little Eaton) to pick up some bits.

Kedleston was designed by a chap called Robert Adam, between 1759 and 1765, and was built for the Curzon family. Kedleston was the home of the Curzons for over 800 years and is now owned by the National Trust.

Adam also created the 820 acre park and the five lakes. There is an 'India Museum', though a lot of this seemed to be 'undergoing renovation' while we were there. It is the start of the season I guess. The museum is usually full of stuff collected by Lord Curzon, who was Viceroy of India. There was 'the peacock dress' though, which totally blew Jem away and, I have to say, was a gob-smacking piece of work.

I think it was Cuzon who led the campaign against women's suffrage in the House of Lords. If I'm right, in 1908 he helped establish the Anti-Suffrage League and eventually became its president.

The National Trust wedsite appears to be down over the weekend (doh!) so I can link to them but it might not work immediatly. Kedleston is a nice enough spot, with a couple of light garden walks, and we enjoyed the miander.

A pleasent way to while away the last afternoon of the Bank Holiday.

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