Wednesday, April 05, 2006

London Again

I was in London today, visiting the folks at Google. I had to get a GPS fix of the new offices this time, just for the crack of it.

Had an informative meeting with the guys there, just smoothing over our account stuff and putting some security things in place for the future, then we sat in the back bar and ate lunch at Boisdales in Belgravia. I recommend the salmon and horseradish. Well tasty.

I hate not getting to do anything else while I'm in London. I know I'm usually on business and all that, but not getting to a show, or at least a gallery, seems such a waste. I'm so soddin' provincial and every time I visit it's always a mad rush. I just climb straight back on a train, loaded down with freebes for the guys at the office, and that's that. I get a sniff of the odd nice coffee bar, a museum sign for Greenwich and a few tantalising show posters on the tube, and nowt else. All the running around and no pay-off.

It'd be good to book a hotel with the Mrs sometime and just do some shopping a chillin' for a weekend.

Oh come on!
What am I sayin'? Making the effort to visit London? Me? It's must be all this livin' in the Midlands making me soft...

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