Thursday, April 27, 2006

Million Crystal Tat

Lookin' like a megga naff Bond villainess, comes an attrocious bit of poorly concieved adverting from Swarovski.

My mates at
mail order beads (who do all this Swarovski mung) will have kittens when they see this one!

Check out the Million Crystal Body for the very peak of Germanic euro-tat.

I hate bad online 'adverting-for-sake-of-it'. "Ack, mein lieben, what can we do? Vot is popular? Quickly Hans, let us look at ze demographic and do something controversial unt vacky"...

In order to enable the purchasers to watch the uncovering, photos of the model will be shown on the web site in short intervals. The more stones are sold, the less stones will cover Chantal’s skin on the photos. "The photos will be very aesthetic, but it may motivate some of the purchasers to make Chantal visible in all her beauty by purchasing some of the stones", von Kuczkowski says.

For gods sake...

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