Saturday, April 01, 2006

Mr. Pig and Ms. Ellen

I am so full of rich food and Landlord.

So, it was Pig and Ellens 'engagement' do today, instead of the wedding as planned (see previous post).

This made the event 'relative free', though there were loads of jolly decent folks there to wish them all the best; Burly Chassis and associates, Ph@BoyIan and Captain Depper, Adam and Catt, Chris (who took loads of photos), and many other folks too numerous to mention, all there to wish em' well.

We had an excellent curry buffet at the Bengal Dynasty in Wincham, Nr Northwich, and then (despite Pigs uncharacteristicly appauling map) on to The Hazel Pear in the evening for dancin', booze and more grub.

They did loads of 'psudo-wedding' stuff for the crack of it, including an appropriate first dance to Diana Ross's "You Can't Hurry Love" and the cutting of the chocolatiest damn cake I've ever seen.

Pig made me do an 'anti-bestman's' speech which, while improvised, seemed to offend almost everyone except Pig.

The music this evening was amusingly 80's, and I managed to avoid the 'Fraggle-dance' by lookin' busy and enjoyed the view provided by the wife hoppping about on my behalf.

A good laugh.

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