Friday, April 07, 2006

Ultimate Tagging Tool

I'm a graphic designer at heart.

Anal, and all obsessed with cinematics, signs, symbology and layout. I was never 'an artist'. I leave that for those with skills, but, check this baby for replacing genuine talent with modern technology.

Graffiti artists, taggers, those creepy people who do installation stuff and common scum alike can now do, well, anything they damn well like on any flat surface that takes their fancy.

"Print anywhere, onto anything," is the tag-line. "Both indoors and outdoors." Now that's just asking for trouble.

Though the world of paint based vandalism hasn't really had much in the way of a technological innovation since the stencil, this impasse has now ended with the introduction of Stuart Wood and Florian Ortkrass' PixelRoller.

This talent replacing little beauty works (in short) like a kinda dot-matrix printer on a very long stick. All the 'artist' has to do is to find an appropriate bridge, programme in some suitable esoteric or pop-culture image, and run the roller head over the spot they want painted. Then, before you can say "Call Out Gouranga & Be Happy!", it spits out ink/paint in accordance with whatever the 'artist' has programmed it to produce. Là-bas vous allez, 'instant art'.

You could train monkeys to do it. Makes we wish I was still an art student.

No underpass is safe tonight.

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