Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Woppit Hopolis Arrives

Last night, an extravagant and somewhat impulsive purchase arrived at Pemberley.

In a fit of online shopping peak, we bought Worthington Woppit and Emily Wiffles a new toy. Their very own castle. I jest you not. We still have no furniture, but the 'food-stuff' has a castle.

Emily has already started nibbling out a new ballroom, and Worthers is contemplating a double garage.

Check out CardboardGuy, for the absolute peak of small mammal domestic extravagance. This place has 3 floors, ramps, 'drawbridge', tunnels and it's totally edible.

The rabbits actually seemed geniunly excited (almost as excited as Jema) and, while not really exploring the upper floor yet (unless tempted up there by chocolate products), they cheerfully spent the evening munching the walls and huckled up together in 'the dungeon'.

Hopefully it'll stop 'em eatin' the furniture, when we get some...

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