Sunday, May 07, 2006

Back at Pemberley

I'm back at the house after a few very sobering days.

I am writing this here so people don't keep asking me. I'm sorry, I don't want to appear rude, but I don't want to talk about what has happened in the last week and, while your kind words and thought are appreciated, I don't want to keep going over what's going on with people at work or with casual friends.

Mum is stable. Holding in there like the trooper she is. She's stronger than most people will ever know. She's not conscious, and won't be for a long time. They are keeping her heavily sedated.

They have removed most of her gall bladder. Being (as a quadruple by-pass patient) an angina sufferer, she didn't think the symptoms of
gall stones as anything too out of the ordinary until it was too late. The sepsis has badly poisoned most of her internal organs and has rendered the likes of her kidneys, useless. For a frail lady, as I recently commented, this is incredibly serious. The gall stone itself was, literally, the largest that any of the staff at Southport hospital have ever seen and something of a curiosity.

Dad and I have spent the last few days sat by her bedside, holding her hand and talking to her in the hope she gets some comfort from this in her brief moments of half consciousness. Her breathing, heart rate, dialysis, feeding and general bodily functions are all controlled by pumps, drugs and machines.

I'm home because, in the grand scheme of things, she is stable and unlikely to change until next weekend; when we are told they will probably perform a tracheotomy and raise her level of consciousness so that she is hopefully more able to breathe on her own. Small steps.

The staff and facilities at
Southport could not be better. I can't praise the nurses and doctors enough. Dad, naturally, is lost without her. He can't eat and is sleeping badly. It was his birthday today, but he hadn't even remembered 'till I mentioned it.

I'm shattered. A big thanks to Big Morris, Juno, Leslie and Captain Depper for diving in and keeping an eye on the menagerie.
Jema has been occupied in Wales, supporting her sister though her wedding, but has been a tower of strength and a massive comfort.

I've slept on a sofa all week, I need a Jamesons and some proper rest.

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