Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Big Gig, Pretty Box

Teeny-weeny with a woppin gig, that's the LaCie carte Orange USB drive. Damn I like my portable data storage, and this credit card sized puppy holds a sweet 8 gig or memory in an ultra slim-line pocket-sized case. The inevitable plug and play and a retractable USB dongle makes it all very simple (says the man with 140 gig on him right this very minute).

Also LaCie has recently released the BRICK, a Lego inspired hard drive (hat's off to them for their design, I have a desktop LaCie by Porsche that's nice but a bit 'silver') and comes in 160 to 500 gig. Stack & Play LaCie Brick Hard Drives would add colors to your Ikea computer desk (not everything should be silver) while expanding capacity.

Ya gotta love their vision.

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