Sunday, June 18, 2006

Bunny BBQ

Had a bit of a party yesterday, for Jemas birthday and to christen the new house.

Shed loads of folks turned up, twice as many as replied to the invites, so the BBQ was a bit 'loaves-and-fishes'. Still, everyone seemed to have fun, and we had friends from Leeds, London, Lancashire, Nottingham, new mates from work etc.

We had a whole 'village garden party' thing going on, so we could rip our mates off for some pennies for Rabbit Rehome (Jems chosen charity, and the site that collates details of rabbits looking for homes and puts potential adopters in contact with folks caring for unwanted bunnies). We ended up with about £110 in the end and the weather stayed sweet all day.

Pig ran a well amusing 'arcade', with assorted consoles, and we did tombolas, treassure maps (closest one to R'lyeh got a cuddly Shoggoth; well done Adam, I've never seen a happier winner) and 'guess-how-many-beads-in-the-jar' etc.

Folks have just left. We had around 60, in our little garden, and it was nice to have the luxury to accomodate everyone so easily. Hopefully, the first of many.

Cheers to them what showed up, and to them that gave to the rabbits.

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