Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Faster, Pussycat!

Another 1 chalked up for Pixie (on the doorstep when I got in).

something was clearly found in my absence as I received a text (thankfully just after lunchtime) from the good lady wife, demanding that Pixie be bought "a collar with a bell on it".

Personally, I think this will make very little difference.
Pixie is now 'in the zone' and there is no stopping her. Bring em on. Remember Taft. Never forget. Boo-yar.

I haven't checked the loft today. We are currently looking at that as a different 'theatre of engagement' entirely. We eagerly await delivery of
'the trap'.

Here at Permberly, the bitter-sweet taste of first victory hangs heavy in the air this evening, and the troops are taking a well earned break before late night sentry duty. Tonight, she will concentrate on the lower floors. Confined to barracks to further asertain the spread of the enemy.

We know in hearts that this is just the beginning. We prey, that by the grace of god, this will all be over by Christmas.

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