Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Killing Fields

The enemy has fallen back by squads to the long grass.

While there was a brief flurry of interest behind the wardrobe last night, it is clear that the rodents are coming from next doors overgrown garden and not from the loft.

This is a relief, though it means that the recent deaths can be attributed to the release of prisoners and detainees by
Pixie. Henceforth, she is on daytime patrol only to avoid such repertitions.

Jema bought her a collar today, with a bell and glitter on it. I was instructed to but it on Pixie, but I 'forgot'. I'm still keen on her activly culling the contents of the garden, but without bringing them back to HQ.

There is still the matter of the loft, but this has withered in urgency now it appears Mr Nezumi is not parachuting into the living space from above.

'The trap' should be with us tomorrow. Then there will be a reckoning...

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