Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Pixie 3 Mice 0

Taking this 'rodent decimation' very seriously, Pixie is producing good results.

2 under the bed and 1 (admittedly half alive) displayed with rakish per Nash beside my work bag this morning.

We have ordered 'the trap'. A construction worthy of Acme.

While up in the loft (on recon) last night I discovered more lagging has been taken for nesting material. Interestingly, I also found a half used box of poison up there as well which implies this problem may be a longer term thing than I previously thought. Poison is not currently an option while Pixie is conducting manoeuvres in the building. One rodent, recently fed, could be the intestinal suicide bomber of the rodent world and cause my moggie a whole world of pain.

Neck breakers and comedy trapdoor specials are (for now) the only way.

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