Thursday, June 22, 2006

Reinventing the Desktop

Folks are always trying to reinvent the desktop/wheel, to bring it inline with that Gibsonian future we were promised and the 'virtual reality desktop' that we see in all those 'slightly futuristic' hacker movies.

This is BumpTop, and it structures files and programs as "3d cards", with weight and virtual physics, which you can shuffle around and move about 'till your didgits bleed. You can throw a bunch of similar cards on a pile to represent stuff you'll get to later, or stack them neatly to represent stuff you've already seen.

This looks interesting to me, I 'order' this way anyway. It's definitely worth a try, though sadly I don't think it'll catch on. Making it too similar to a messy desk may not be what users want. Personally, I like the cinematics of it and it seems intuative.

If you want to hear about further developments to
BumpTop, including beta testing oppurtunities, then sign up for the BumpTop mailing list.

£10 says they get bought out by Microsoft (or Google).

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