Friday, June 09, 2006

What's Been Happening?

This blog, of late, is like a bidet. Seldom used, and when it is it's not used for the purpore it was intended.

Life has been busy. Very busy. I have spent most of my time working like a dog, playing The Movies with Jema, travelling on trains (while reading comics), moaning about X-3, watering a parched garden, and visiting my mum. (who is still rough, but is now in rehab at Ormskirk).

Of late, we've been planning a birthday do/garden party for the Mrs ("Hello vicar, grab a glass of fizz...") and watching X-Men (what a shock) animated to make up for that boarder line criminal travesty that graced the big screen recently.

I will try, even if means just chucking bobbo at the site, to get my musings, rantings, links posted a little more frequently.


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