Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Carbon Swipe-Cards

Laugh? I nearly shat.

If this happens it could well save me a packet. There'll be a public outcry and it's probably unworkable. Shirts buttons to granny bonds, all those buggers with their own personal little holes in the ozone layer will be up-in-arms...

The environment minister, David Miliband (the UK's first officially sanctioned Ministerial Blogger), today unveiled a radical plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions by charging individuals for the amount of carbon they use.

Under the proposals, consumers would carry bank cards that record their personal carbon usage. Those who use more energy - with big cars and foreign holidays - would have to buy more carbon points, while those who consume less - those without cars, or people with solar power - would be able to sell their carbon points.

...and you can read the rest of this article from the place it was cribbed, todays Guardian.

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