Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday Worship

We saw Superman Returns on the Imax at the Odeon in Manchester today. Me and Pig. In 3D. The film was in 3D that is. As well as me and Pig.

Now I like a bit of 3D and I like a bit of Imax. We were the first ones through the door. 3D makes me grin like an idiot at the best of times. I blame Disney World. But this was awsome.

Now don't get me wrong, it's not a brilliant film. Superman is rock hard and invulnerable so there's no real sence of peril. The last act is inexcusable weapongrade shmultz that blows bigtime and ruins the whole damn thing. But the 3D was fantastic and the first two thirds were spot on.

SUPERMAN RETURNS, directed by Bryan Singer, is the world's first live-action Hollywood feature to be converted into IMAX® 3D. Using proprietary 2D to 3D conversion technology, select scenes (20 minutes worth) were converted into An IMAX 3D Experience®, the most immersive cinematic 3D in the world. On-screen cues alert moviegoers when to place the 3D glasses on, and when to take them off...
All I'm gonna say, and BIG SPOILER COMING here, is Lois Lane trapped in a Jumbo Jet that's got the Space Shuttle, on full burn, strapped to the roof of it. Superman, his first time in the public eye since returning to Earth, catches the damn thing. Wind. Fire. Smoke. Flame. He blasts away the shuttle supports, with his heat vision, and wrestles the Shuttle up into space. Then he returns, like a bloody caped missile, and tries (with staggeringly realistical physics and bits of fuselage and whole wings and stuff smashing into him) to bring down the plane safley. Inside, Lois and everyone are getting thrown around and battered about like a piƱata. Supes, finally, gets in front of this 400 tonnes of self destructing aircraft and, by the nose, brings her down into the middle of baseball stadium full of supporters. Inches to spare, he lays her gently down on the pitch as the crowd goes mental and showers him with well deserved applause. All in 3 bloody D, 8 stories soddin' tall, and to John Williams original score!

I have never, and I mean never, seen a scene like it. I can not ever attempt to describe it.

In that moment, Pig and I confessed afterwards, behind those glasses we wept.

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