Saturday, July 22, 2006

This is Movies

This afternoon, we finally recorded the first ThisIsMovies podcast.

Now this has been a project we (Mary [right] and I) have wanted to do for a while but (and my bad here) time has just not allowed. Mary is my long suffering editor for the increasingly speradic reviews I do on the DVD reviews section on the ThisIs sites.

There isn't, untill today, a single decent 'what's-on, what's-hot, what's-pants' movies podcast for the UK.

In steps Adele [left]. Adele is a fellow movie reviewer for the ThisIs Network and knows here stuff. They've both got a good cheeky repartee going too and, with a few of these under their belts, could really be something that people will actually want to listen to. This is great for our audience as well. I'd have never thought of a 'gossip section' and these 2 are genuiunly interested in film. They have brought so much to it. I think the dynamic of having 2 ladies doing this is a great one for the web as well. Our demographic is going to love 'em, and they aren't shy of the odd witty asside about Superman's tights or the cheak bones of Johnny Depp.

In the background there is Claire, who oversees the regional podcasts from Stoke, North Scotland, South Devon, Nottingham etc. by our regional reporters. She also goes out to the centres to show them how to connect up their kit and stuff.

Me? I just play sound engineer and maintain format. Not that I'm needed with these lasses. This afternoon they picked up Audacity and the whole shabang in minutes (which makes a refreshing change) and is gonna make this painless for me.

So now on Friday afternoons, as well as helping Paul with his excellent UK Parlimentary cast, I get to waffle movies, drink coffee, and eat chocolate with the ladies for half an hour.

All these people who moan about their jobs and the companies they work for on their blogs. Not me mate :-)

You can contact Mary and Adele at, or check out the podcasts at as of Monday.

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