Thursday, July 20, 2006

When 900 years old you reach...

... look this good you will not!

It was Andy Ravenwoods surprise 40th birthday do this evening and Zoe, his Mrs., had contacted us, his workmates, as part of the cladestine assembly of relatives and mates.
He looked 'mildly stunned' to be sure.

There was, as you can see, an outstanding birthday cake, and
Dexter took a load of quality pictures that you can see here.

Me, Jema, Andy S, JW,
Dexter, Fitz, Ginger Si, Flyss etc. were there to wish him well and it was cool to see Andy out of work. I've sat opposite the geeza for the last 3 years, wandering around Derby like lost souls with each other of a lunchtime, and we've never been out for so much as a pint. He's a top bloke, even more Star Wars obsessed than my good self, and a pucker artist who helped secure us that BAFTA for Headline History.

Sobering though, this birthday lark, when I think I'm only 8 months off 40 myself...

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