Monday, August 21, 2006

Arrived at Caswall

We decided to leave it 24hrs before we headed off to Wales, so we’ve only just arrived. We should have come yesterday but, with the pets having had operations and needing a bit of reassurance, we delayed our holiday ‘till this morning. We’ve left them in the capable hands of Paula, our pet sitter.

Every time I see the flat as Caswall I’m reminded of Tracy Island. Minus the palm trees and the big phallic thing in the swimming pool, it has that same ‘built in the 60s’ air about it. There have been a few changes since last year. The sea wall and car park have been rebuilt, the new shower door is all fitted (must try not to break that again), and Mumbles seems to have gone that little bit more ‘middle class’.

After 5 hours on the road, we popped in to see Jems folks to pick up bedding, our boards, survival rations etc. then sat around reading old issues of X-Men (Uncanny 125 to 128). We had a stroll down the beach before sunset and tomorrow we’ll probably walk up the coast path to Mumbles and grip some essentials at the CoOp.

There’s no chance of getting any surfing in cos the waves are pants. It’s low moon and we need a good storm in Lundy and Fastnet.

Right now, we’re gonna sit up in bed with a bottle of red and enjoy the luxury of not ‘having to be doing’ something :-)

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