Thursday, August 10, 2006

Back Inside

As if life wasn't complicated enough, my dad just rang and said mum's back in hospital again. It looks like she's anaemic and having reactions to the medication she's on (the unlikely named 'clopidogrel'). Not good. She's fail enough as it is, 3 sheets to the wind, and has only just got back in their own house after 3 months+ stuck in a ward.

Posts may go sporadic again but as I've not actually written anything worth a damn for ages that shouldn't exactly be a hardship to the world. Gee, there might not be a fresh Google Video on Saturday. How will you coupe?

As it happens, I'm off up to see them at the weekend anyway.

If I may reiterate today’s earlier comments about how getting old can seriously suck. We have all this to look forward to.

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