Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Future Publishing

What in gods name is a 'futurologist'? Is it another word for 'made up job title by nobby wanker'?

I digress, and this is interesting nonetheless.

The gist of this article? The publishing industry is on the change, barriers are crashing like the Dukes of Hazzard, magazines are going out of business in all those tech-savvy places and with those tech-savvy demographics. We'll see way less paper and way more content. On the whole, a great thing for consumers, a good thing for the environment, and a terrible thing for the established publishing industry (in which I kinda work). So, embrace technology or loose out to those who do. Old school reporters, get into what's coming and find your niche...

Have a read, I don't think it's 'futurology' (but I don't know what that means anyway) and I do think it's prescient (just to prove I do know some big words).

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