Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mooching Around

Another slow start, then off to Oystermouth Castle for a mooch around. Looking over Swansea Bay, this 12thC building was burnt down a couple of times by the Welsh to drive out the Normans. Truth be said, it’s seen better days. A good portion of it is closed off due to being unstable and there was virtually nobody up there. It has that air of a miniature Harlech about it, pre restoration. They use it as a venue for outdoor events, and I bet it cuts an impressive silhouette with a few floodlights at twilight.

I had a meander up the beech towards Brandy Cove in the afternoon, but the tide started to cut me off so I though better of it. We sat for bit, reading and kicking sand between the showers, ‘till the tide got in enough to warrant having a go at some mediocre belly boarding. It’s not like a couple of years ago when we had the big storm. That was dangerous, this was pedestrian. Jem stuck it out a lot longer than I did.

As I write she’s nattering to the neighbours. Turns out the lass staying next door makes and sells jewellery (there’s no getting away from them, they’re everywhere) so they are chatting about beads.

Plans for the evening? Read the Dark Phonix Saga and a bit of pottering up and down the high tide line looking for treasure.

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