Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mumbles and Comics

We walked into Mumbles across the cliff path today (after a slow start). We had some lunch at Verdis (one has to if one is Mumbles) and bought Welsh cakes and soap in the CoOp. It’s a good hike across the cliff path but I was relieved to see I’m still healthier and less out of breath than the good lady wife ;-) Most of the heather is coming back after the fires last year. This whole area was black and good chunk of the coastal fauna got battered last August. I even got footage of the flames and stuff that came to me for editing on our South Wales site. There are far more quick growing grasses filling in the gaps now, and you can see the difference in the bio diversity of the flowers and shrubs really obviously in the burnt areas.

This evening we had a couple of visitors. Caroline and Charles, friends of Jems mum. Charles is a Professor at the Egypt centre in Swansea and (I think) lectures in ancient Greece. Jema, naturally, has a specific interest in historical clothing and jewellery, so the just popped over for a brew and to shoot the breeze. We ended up talking about Headline History, a lot, and it was interesting to hear what Wales is up to in the world of interactive education. I’d love to do something like HH, nationally, on Greeks and Romans and Saxons.

Jema settled in to some handicrafts, and I pottered up and down the high tide kicking rocks and making sand castles. The waves are still doing nothing but, if we’re lucky, we might get an hour on the belly boards tomorrow.

A cat has taken a shine to us. It’s lives upstairs with Patti, who’s lived here since the flats were built. It’s whoring around my ankles for milk. It makes me wonder if, to felines, we have some kind of uniquely distinctive musk that says ‘soft touch’ or, less flatteringly, ‘fresh fish’.

I’ve just read a load of old Hellfire Club issues. Now I’m gonna see if we can get Channel 4 for ‘Lost’ and that, with a couple of G&Ts, should round off the day nicely.

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