Thursday, August 17, 2006

Poor Again

The cat only has 2 teeth left and does not look chuffed (though nicely toasted).

She's not happy. Ha! It's not her just stumped up another £200!

Nah seriously. Poor little bugger has had a major op, has been lugged around Derby in a wicker box, and is whacked right out of her gourd on anesthetic this evening. She still eat here tea though, so I know they gave us the right cat back. The neighbours (all the other houses she eats at) were queing up outside to check she was okay. She now also has a micochip, of which I'm slightly jealous (as I've always fancied cyberware myself).

To be honest it's been an expensive month. With £900 on the car (bloody Mercedes Benz garages), a week at the flat coming up, £100 on sickly rabbits, £2500 on a new roof for the kitchen (startin' soon) and all this do with the cat, it looks like Pig and I are on a cheapy (he's saving for Oz at christmas) at IBC this year.

Oh well. W
e're meating Adam etc. for his stag do and Amsterdam's usually a laugh when your poor (to be honest, I don't think I've ever been there when I've been otherwise) cos it makes you have adventures. We can always go blag off H and eat falafel ;-)

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