Saturday, August 12, 2006

Quiet Night In

I just got back from Lancashire (having been seeing my folks) after 5 hours on a train.

Mum is back home again but still ill (it's all a very long and convoluted tale), the cat seems to have smashed one of it's teeth out (it's sticking out of her gob at 90 degrees and we'll be at the vets first thing tomorrow), Jema has lost her mobile (at the opera in Buxton), I've got loads of work to do (including a 6 hour long multimedia training course thingy), it's chuckin' it down with rain (the down-pipe appears to be blocked with dead leaves or something and there’s rain water going everywhere) plus my mother in law is here.

Ah well. My new copy of Star Wars Battlefront 2 has arrived (ya gotta love eBay) and sometimes, the best way to deal is to go out into the woods, with a high powered sniper rifle, and to shoot an Ewok in the face.

At least I got another day off tomorrow :-)

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