Tuesday, August 15, 2006

SEO People Wanted

Things are pretty darn busy right now.

Are you an SEO expert? Are you now (or would you like to be) AdWords accredited? Do you have a penchant for hanging around forums with other geeks who have a thing for the latest Google algorithm? Do you even know what SEO stands for? Do you want a full time job with decent wages and stuff? Do you want to work in Derby? Okay, that last one is probably pushin' it and is probably just there for spamdexing...

We're recruiting and can't find anybody. We had someone booked in for an interview last week and they were a no show. The rest of them had no AdWords experience and we have the 2nd biggest (by keyword #) campaign in the UK.

If you’re curious, contact me. Seriously. I'm chaotically busy at work and we need to farm some of this out. I know some of my old SEO buddies pop by here occasionally.

This is a full-time and permanent post working in a large multi-media company (with nice folks). I'm gonna start battering the agencies tomorrow but that'll put me in the firing line and once you put your head over the trench with those buggers there’s no going back.

Go on. You probably hate your job and this one's a lot better than whatever it is you're doing now. Trust me.

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