Friday, September 29, 2006


Robert Downey, Jr. is gonna be Iron Man!

Awsome choice. Especially considering the blokes background and all. I think he could look spot on with a goatie beard and a Martini in his hand.

I heard a while ago that
Terrence Howard is in talks for the part of War Machine too.

See Ain't it Cool News for the full skinny.


Clay Bethelbridge said...

That is a cool pic. I want to see the movie. I love the song.

FoxyTallChick said...

I still think that Ed Norton would have been better. But fair play to Robert if he can make a go of it as he's a great actor and deserves a break with all the crap he's been through.

But we need a strong script as this is the first of a possible franchise - no weak X-Men 3 rubbish.