Sunday, September 10, 2006

Geocashing and Cakes

The iPod was still on in the room when I woke up this morning and, through a half asleep Isolator haze, I could hear Johnny, from 'Naked', battering on about "Energy formed into matter, matter cooled, matter lived, the amoeba to fish, yada, yada..." which is an interesting way to start the day with a hong-over.

We treated ourselves to another breakfast of champions, a coffee and 'cake' breakfast in Baba, and had a Sunday morning strole along the canals, the Oudezijds Achterburgwal, the Oudezijds Voorburgwal (collectively known as the Burgwallen), and around the Oudekerkplein, in the area bounded by the Warmoestraat and the Nieuwmarkt, to see how this part of the city fairs after a Saturday night. Pretty well, it woud seem.

We had 'an objective' this morning. We took Adam and the gents geocaching. 11 o'clock at Anne Franks house (which is now clad in metal and looks nothing like it did the last time I saw it). Pig and I had our GPSs and we hired a couple of pedal boats as you could only get to this one from the water. This turned it into a bit of a race, which my boat (in no small part having 4 people in it, unlike Pigs which had only 3) lost. Without giving the location away, this one was a beauty and probably the best cache I've done so far.

Adam and Roland nearly killed us in front of massive pleasure launch on the way back. We were so determined not to look knackered or like 'goobers in a boat' in front of the crowds of American students at Anne Franks that we didn't see it coming 'till the last second. I swear to god, those guys got us to aquaplane they pedalled so fast. It was well touch-and-go for a minute. James and I laughed so much it hurt.

Sat outside The Greenhouse for a bit talking 'napalm bats' (which has now become someting of a by-word for anecdotal trivia bollocks) and watchin life go by.

Adam, Roland etc. were off to the Banana Bar (to pick up last minute 'postcards' or something) so Pig and I went for another wander instead and, it being our last night, cruised from bar to coffee shop taking in the 'ambiance'. Around 10 we headed back and packed up our stuff for an early flight tomorrow.

Finishing the evening with a spot of 2 man Shithead and the last of the
'Super Silver Haze'.

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