Saturday, September 09, 2006


IBC was HD (even Ultra HD) tastic. Encoders, tagging, loads of ideas for the future and some interesting solutions for Web2.0 delivery. Themes this year were: Multimedia in the Networked Home; HDTV Lift-Off; Media on the Move; IPTV; Content Production; User Contibuted Content; and D-Cinema. The 'mobile zone' alone was twice the size of last year.

We even 'bumped' into H, peddling his usual quality merchandise (including the
MK-V A-R) and his new Segway based hands-free mounting system. Pig and I had a quick go, and yeah, 10 minutes in a car park you'd be a god. Surrounded by other peoples expensive kit and with H pappin' himself in case his dumb ass stoner mates broke his new toy wasn't the best way to try it out tho ;-)

Sounds great, and it was well worth a shufty, but the place is a million acres of a billion stands. All these stands seemed to have a load of silver (or occasionally black) boxes with LEDs on them and 2 bored Japenese guys desperate to finish for the day so they can go cruise the Red Light District, with zero indication of what these boxes actually did. We saw what we wanted to see, hung around drinking Heineken for a bit, ransacked peoples freebies, and called it a day.

Had time to do a bit of shopping. I bought the mother load of weird and whacky tulip bulbs for Jema (early anniversary present) in the flower market and Pig invested in some Playmobil that we can't get yet in the UK. Playmobil Romans; a couple of 'Legions' of troops, a Senator, and a well tasty Roman ship with soldiers etc. Top investment that I'm itching to 'animate' :-)

Caught up with Adam etc. for some cards and food at The Grasshopper, then met up with H and his crew at The Old Church around 10. As usual, we chatted movies and caught up on old times. He's just finished doing some stuff on the new Harry Potter, which was coincidental as I saw the Hogwarts Express as I was going through Crew on Thursday evening (surrounded by 45 year old blokes who still live with their mum).

Wandered around for a bit (as you do in that part of town) and left H on the Damrak, heading back to his hotel, in the wee small hours.

Sod all on TV, so mooched through the Playmobil then battered outselves to sleep with a good dose of Isolator and ambient iPod.

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