Saturday, September 02, 2006

Inappropriate Googling

Looks like that lovable bunch of geeks at Google want the press to stops using the term "googling" as a verb.

According to Times Online Google sent off a series of legal letters to the media this week. According to Times Online, Rose Hagan, Google's senior trademark counsel said"Protecting our trademark is important to us, so we want to be sure that when people talk about 'Googling' they mean searching on Google and not on any other search engine."

What? There's another search engine? I wonder who uses that. Oi, come on Google, get a life. This is part of your branding and part of why you're so popular, because you are a verb. Don't screw it up by being anal corporate types. We will mock you, and mock you, and mock you, 'till you see the error of your ways.

Anyone get the feeling they are slowly starting to screw this up?

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