Friday, September 08, 2006

Taking in the Sights

We arrived in Amsterdam this morning at around 9.30 and headed direct to Barneys for an Irish breakfast and to stock up on supplies.

By the time we had done the rest of the chaps had arrived and we met up in a coffee shop near Dam Square.

We checked into the Hotel Delta mid afternoon and then wasted away the afternoon with Adam, Roland, James etc. playing Shithead and taking in the evening.

Went for a jolly nice Indonesian meal at the Aneka Rasa in Warmoesstraat and, after the obligatory stroll around the red light district, finished up at the new Grasshopper. Without making an actual plan, we set a few 'objectives' for the next few days and dabbled in a bit more Merde de Tete.

Crashed out early, being knackered after the early flight.

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