Friday, September 15, 2006

Wedding Anniversary Ride

As it's our wedding anniversary today (5, count them, 5 years) we both had the day off and went to Alton Towers to shoot zombies and try the 2 new rides.

Rita, Queen of Speed: great name, fantastic logo, really fast (0 to 100 in 2.8 secs) but too short with no inversions and we had to stand in line for over an hour cos the bugger broke down and we were in the que for the front (as usual)...

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: kids ride but still inexcusably disapointing. They don't even pipe smells at you. The glass elevator ride at the end is the highlight, but I'd sunk into apethy by then and so had all the other adults making up todays crowds...

Did the usuals, like Oblivion (click for video), Nemeis (click for video) and Air (click for video), which are all still the daddy. Runaway Mine Train is still closed after the accident but Duel and Hex are still the 'cleverest' family rides and the most fun.

I didn't know before today that the 'chained oak' story behind
Hex is a 'true story'. We got chatting to a guy who worked on it and he gave us directions to the actual tree - there's a quick ameteur vid here.

We had a good wander around the gardens (the weather today was great) and the towers themselves and, even though it's been a couple of years since we were last here, there seems to have been very little done in the way of noticable restoration. Makes you wonder how much Tussauds spent on Rita compaired to how much they spend on work on restoring this stunnin' Staffordshire landmark.

Ate pizza, played video games, and enjoyed the day together :-)

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